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Shopping in Jaipur


Some of the most charming and attractive hand crafted jewelry comes from Rajasthan. Rajasthan is famous for its jewelry.


Traces of earth colour drawings on walls and intricate motifs of geometrical and natural designs on clay vessels and potteries.


The hides of dead animals is used by skilled cobblers for Jooties (foot-wear), chairs, musical instruments, mojaries, etc.

Stone Carving

There are back lanes in Jaipur that ring with the sound of diamond-tipped chisels and hammers, carefully chipping away at blocks.

Metal Craft

Some of the finest metal work in Rajasthan uses enamelled silver that is used for everything from pill-boxes to figurines.


The Textile of Rajasthan has a fascinating range of dyed and block printing fabrics. Each state has its own special.

Blue pottery

An art form, from Persia under the patronage of Maharaja Ram singhji was first introduced in Rajasthan.


Every village and community in Rajasthan has its potters, and the pots for everyday use along with other storing vessels.

Dhurries And Carpets

The dhurrie, a simple rug that was once used as an underlay, has now become one of the state's best known weaving traditions.