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Excursions from Jaisalmer

The various tourist spots in Jaisalmer are not the only reason for the rising popularity of these excursions. The advantageous location of Jaisalmer also puts it very close to a number of nearby attractions. Excursions from Jaisalmer take you to a number of places. The Sam Sand Dunes and the Khuri Sand Dunes are the most popular tourist spots which are part of this excursion
Jaisalmer are no less than Jaisalmer when it comes to splendor. Want to loose yourself in the desert, come to Sam Sand dunes. Stay in the camp in solitude and just look at the sun setting behind the horizon. Or else you can also opt for Khuri sand dunes if you want yourself to get pampered by Rajasthani hospitality. Listen to local folk music and enjoy authentic Rajasthani cuisine. Visit Lodurva, the ancient capital of the Bhattis and appreciate the Dilwara style paintings scattered all around the ruins.

Sam Sand Dunes
Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes, 42 away km from Jaisalmer, is the most popular excursion to see the total sandy bush less desert. It has a truly glorious stretch of sweeping sand dunes.


It is located on the junction of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner Road. It is on route to Jaisalmer and is also a fort town though the fort is not of the dimensions of Jaisalmer.


Barmer is a desert town just 153 kms from Jaisalmer and has fortresses to boast off. This place is primarily famous for its woodcarving, furniture and interiors, carpets.

Bada Bag

Situated 6 kms. north of Jaisalmer on way to Ramgarh. Royal cenotaphs with carved images of past Maharawals & their families. Each chhatris preserve inscribed tablet recording.

Kuldhara & Khabha

The total number of 84 villages were abandoned by Paliwal Brahmins overnight, out of that two most prominent villages are Kuldhara & Khabha located about 18 to 30 kms.


A temple, 11 kms and 1 Km. off the ramgarh route, Shrine dedicated to God Rama & Krishna, constructed during the reign of Maharawal Amar Singh in 17th Century.


16 kms. Northwest from Jaisalmer, Luderwa is the ancient capital of Jaisalmer now a silent city, the only witness to its former splendour are the jain temple, toran (ornate arche).


6 kms. on way to Luderwa the natural spot developed by Maharawal Amar Singh is a water reservoir in 1688 AD. The dams were constructed to hold rainwater. Several terraces.


8 kms. on way to Sam Sand Dunes, is an another natural point. Lake, Garden, summer palaces constructed by Maharawal Mool Raj in 18th Century.