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Jaisalmer Camel Safari

The desert surrounding Jaisalmer is the most popular place for Camel safaris in Rajasthan. Many prefer taking Camel safari around Bikaner for it has its own charm. Many tour companies will let you chose your own route so you can decide between the roads less travelled and the most preferred safari tracks. Sam and Khuri are undoubtedly the two most preferred destinations near Jaisalmer. There could be nothing more interesting than a camel Safari around the golden dunes of the Thar.
Sam: Nestled in the west of Jaisalmer (45 kms), Sam are the proper sand dunes that are most popular with camel safaris. Get a glimpse of real Rajasthan and enjoy various cultural events on the backdrop of shimmering sand dunes. At night, you can also enjoy the campfire with live Rajasthani folk music and dance performances.
Khuri: Another popular destination for a Jaisalmer Camel Safari is Khuri which is surrounded by massive desert hills. If you find Sam sand dunes to be a bit crowded then you might find Khuri pretty peaceful. The Khuri village, located at a distance of 40 kms south west of Jaisalmer makes way for romantic camel safari as well. Experience the vast starlit sky at night and don’t forget to witness the mesmerizing sunset right behind the Golden desert. The village has a charm of its own that makes it stand apart from other destinations in Rajasthan. The houses here are made of mud and straw and are decked like the designs of Persian carpets. If you wish to shop for handicrafts, you can check out the narrow lanes featuring colourful local shops.
When it comes to choosing a Camel safari in Rajasthan, it is important that you don’t get tempted by the cheaper deals as they may not be convenient enough when it comes to food, camping and other facilities.