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Founder of Bikaner

Rao Bikaji was the most lively and enterprising among the five sons of Rao Jodhaji of Marwar . Realizing that a struggle for his paternal inheritance was not likely to be fruitful, this adventurous price was determined to chart out his own destiny.

Rao Bika gathered a force of young warriors, whose restless energy proved to be a powerful motivating force in confronting the hazards of the desert. At Deshnok, he sought the blessings of Karni Devi, a mystic Charan, a Caste of Bards who preserved the genealogy, folk culture and heroic legends of the race and are therefore held in high regard.

She blessed him and prophesied his victory and he founded the state of Bikaner .His fortified city is an encircled by imposing battlements and even today stands on a slight eminence.

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