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Bikaner festivals

Camel Fair, Bikaner is a sought after event in Rajasthan. Organized by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, Bikaner Camel Festival is a yearly event in January that Bikaner celebrates in honor of the ship of the desert, Camel. The festivities are at par with the other celebrations of Rajasthan. The event mainly includes spectacular camel performances like Karni Mata Fair, camel dances, camel races, neck shaking camel rides etc.

Camel Fair Bikaner
Camel Fair Bikaner

Bikaner was founded in 1488 AD , by the Rathore prince,Bika,the liveliest and most enterprising son of Rao Jodha of Marwar.The harsh desert surrounds this rich city.

Gangapur Festival

Dedicated to Goddess Parvati – the consort of Lord Shiva. Grand processions of the deity accompanied by dancing women are a part of the eighteen day long celebrations.

Karni Mata Fair

The fair is held twice in a year - during April-May and Oct-Nov. on the 9th day of Navratri, devotees of Mata crowd at Deshnoke to offer worship and prayer to Goddess Durga.

Kolayatji fair

The largest fair of Bikaner, in India’s desert state of Rajasthan, the Kolayat Fair combines a huge cattle fair with a pilgrimage to the town’s holy lake. It’s quite a spectacle.

Holi Fair Bikaner

Holi in Bikaner is one of the most colorful Bikaner fairs and festivals. The land of sands, play Holi in a very joyous and vibrant way. The local people are very enthusiastic.