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Ranthambore Museum

Ranthambore museum is being opened with the gallery 1 on “Biodiversity of Rajasthan” or “Forests and Wildlife of Rajasthan”. It depicts the diversity of Rajasthan with respect to its plants, animals, wildlife and forests.
The gallery has digitally mounted panels, interactive exhibited and photographic depiction of wildlife, besides important dioramas on different themes highlighting human interface with nature in his/her efforts for conservation of nature and natural resources.

It also includes a diorama of the Bishnoi community, famous for sacrificing their lives to save trees. Other Galleries to come up in future includes - Gallery 2 : Biomes & Ecosystems . Gallery 3: Desert. Gallery 4: Ecology (Nature’s Network) & conservation. Gallery 5: Origin and Evolution of Life. There are other resources are Auditorium, Library and khojkaksh (Discovery Room). Visitor timing - 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM. Museum remains closed on Monday & National holidays.

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