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Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli Jaisalmer

Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli
Visitor Information
Famous for : Monument Fort / Fortress History & Culture
Entrance Fee: Entry fee.
Visiting Time: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Open on all days

Nathmal-ki Haveli in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is said to be 500 years old. This 19th-century haveli was built by two architect brothers, who designed their sections independently but with remarkable harmony. It has a beautifully carved exterior, while the interior is decorated with miniature paintings. Two yellow sandstone elephant figures guard the entrance to the haveli. There is no entry fee, but the family living here sells paintings and knick-knacks to tourists.

Nathmalji Ki Haveli Architecture

Another attraction is the elephants in yellow sandstone, which are placed at the impressively carved entrance door. Even if these are not included, Nathmal Ki Haveli is still considered the best in Jaisalmer in terms of splendor. There are other crafts in the haveli which are worth appreciation. There are two Elephants made of yellow stone which are stunning at itself. These life-size replicas have been put in front of the main entrance so that it looks as if they are guarding the Haveli and welcoming the guests. Other than these, there are pictures carved on pillars and walls. These pictures of Horses, Cattle, and depiction of Flora among other things. But the most interesting feature of this haveli is the drawing of modern facilities such as cars, fans etc. It is said and believed that the Architect brothers dint see these things ever in their life and carved it with mere help of their imageries given by people who had seen it.

How to Reach Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli

Jaisalmer is well connected with major cities of India through Rail, Road, and Air. Local transportation in Jaisalmer quite good. Auto rickshaw is a cheap mode of transportation in Jaisalmer City.

Best Time to Visit the Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli

Winter: October experiences better and pleasant weather conditions, marking the beginning of tourist’s season. The temperature ranges from 23.6 °C (74.5 °F) to 7.9 °C (46.2 °F).
Summer: The months from April to July marks the summer in Jaisalmer. They are the hottest months. Temperature shoots up at daytime making it difficult to enjoy tourist activities. Maximum temperature is around 49 °C (120 °F).
Monsoon: August-September is the monsoon time. Even though rainfall in Jaisalmer is very less, still it makes the atmosphere humid. The average rainfall is 209.5mm (8.25 in).