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Ram Bagh Gardens Agra

Rambagh Garden is popular as it has the distinction of being the very first garden of the Mughals that was built in India. The garden was built to entertain the Emperor's guests and also for the relaxation of the Emperor and his loyal people. This beautiful garden is famous for its unique style of design and attractive layout that depicts the love of the Mughal for natural beauty.

Architecture of Ram Bagh Gardens, Agra

The Garden which is also known as Bagh-i-Gul Afshan is planned following the Charbagh pattern which consists of four main divisions crisscrossed by paths and waterways. Water which forms a very integral part of Islam is almost likened to life in these pleasure parks. The main source of water in the Rambagh Gardens is the Yamuna from which water is distributed all around the park in a series of three cascades developed over three terraces. Besides these there are stairs on either side of the water channels, fountains, an island platform and two pavilions on either side of the main water channel, that truly go a long way into converting the Rambagh Gardens into a real paradise.

Best time to visit Rambagh

The best time to visit the garden is from October to March, before the summer arrives. However, one can visit it any day of the year. The winters are the best time to visit, though, as the climate is pleasant and you can stroll in the garden comfortably, reliving how the Mughals spent their leisure time. The garden is open from sunrise to sunset. The entry fee for Indians is Rs. 10 and for foreigners it is Rs. 500. Tourists should buy both the ADA and ASI tickets, or else the entry will be prohibited. Tourists should note that there is no entry fee for children below 15 years of age. Also, the visitors from the SAARC nations need to pay only Rs. 10 as entry fee.