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Sarafa Bazaar Jodhpur

The city of Jodhpur comes with numerous shopping opportunities. There are numerous shopping areas dotting all over the 'Blue City' or Jodhpur. Sarafa Bazaar located in Jodhpur is famous for selling everything starting from handicrafts to antiques, works of Bandhini and many more. Vacations in Rajasthan is incomplete with visiting the different shopping areas located various parts of the state.

Rajasthan is one of the most colorful states of India. One of the traditionally and culturally rich Indian states, Rajasthan has numerous historical landmarks. The picturesque state of Rajasthan comes with ample of shopping opportunities. Jodhpur is one the most colorful states of Rajasthan. No matter how many times a traveler visits Jodhpur, there is always something new and appealing in this city for the tourists. From historical landmarks to favorable climate, various shopping opportunities, Jodhpur has everything that attracts the tourists coming from various parts of the world. Over the last few years, the popularity of Jodhpur as a tourist destination has increased owing to its various shopping areas.

Safara Bazaar
Sarafa Bazaar is one of the most popular bazaars of Jodhpur. This shopping area is famous for its diversified collection of garments, accessories, clothes and many more. Dress materials of 'bandhini' and 'lahariya' style are most common in the shops of Sarafa Bazaar. Shopping in Sarafa Bazaar mainly involves buying quality products at reasonable rates.

Products found at Safara Bazaar
Some of the most popular items that are widely displayed in the shops of Safara Bazaar are various beautiful Rajasthani dresses, saris, Jodhpuri coats, salwar-kameez, turbans and yardangs. In addition, tie and dye items, beads, jewelries, bangles are bought by a large section of the tourists.

All the products and items that are displayed in Safara Bazaar at Jodhpur reflect the rich tradition and culture of the largest state of India. A perfect place for displaying the talent of the local craftsmen, Sarafa

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