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Akal Takht Amritsar

Built on a raised platform by Guru Hargobind to defy the edicts of Emperor Jehangir. Jehangir declared that nobody except the emperor shall occupy a throne of more than three ft; Guru Hargobind built Akal Takht on a platform of 12 ft.
However, Akal Takht is built lower than Harmandir Sahib as a mark of respect. Akal Takht, the supreme seat of the Sikhs bore the brunt of the attacks during Operation Blue Star in 1984. However, with donations collected from devotees, it was reconstructed.
Ghanta Ghar, the main entrance with the Victorian Clock on top, the Adh-Sath Tirath or the shrine of the 68 holy places, Darshani Deorhi are other important sites inside the complex.

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