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Kote Gate Bikaner

Bikaner is dotted with a number of shopping areas, which have made this city a top shopping destination in Rajasthan. One of the most sought after shopping areas is Kote Gate. Kote Gate Bikaner is popular among the tourists for the numerous shops here make a wonderful display of traditional Rajasthani goods and items. Any tour to Bikaner is incomplete without shopping in Kote Gate.

The city of Bikaner is known for its picturesque natural beauty, the ancient temples, decorative palaces and shopping areas. The beautiful city of Bikaner comes as a striking contrast against the arid desert that surrounds the state of Rajasthan. The popularity of the shopping areas over the years has made them tourists landmarks of the city of Bikaner.

Shopping in Bikaner has become a necessity among the tourists for the plethora of good and items displayed in the shops. The bazaars of Bikaner are known for selling mostly beautiful traditional Rajasthani items.

Kote Gate Bikaner
Kote Gate Bikaner is one of the biggest outlets in Bikaner. A wide diversity of Rajasthani products are sold in the shops dotting Kote Gate. Kota Gate is one of the most colorful and lively bazaars in Bikaner. Tourists not only from various parts of India but also from different parts of the world visit Kota Gate throughout the year. The numerous shops selling variety of Rajasthani products reflect the tradition and culture of the city.

Products found at Kote Gate Bikaner
Products that mainly include works of local fabrics, bright traditional attires for both men and women, decorated footwear are sold like hot cakes in the Kote Gate shops. There are many items found in this shopping area which are bought mainly by tourists as souvenirs. Along with these, decorative Rajasthani jewelry, quilts, beautiful paintings and camel leather products also attract tourists from all over. The full of life ambience coupled with the colorful shops, the friendly shopkeepers make shopping in Bikaner a memorable experience.

Eating joints at Kote Gate Bikaner
The tourists can also stroll past the different shops of Kote Gate to feel the essence of this city of Rajasthan. One of the most unique features of Kote Gate Bikaner is its eateries. There are number of eating joints in this area that serve delicious spicy dishes of local cuisine. Tea made from camel tea, Bikaner bhujia and sweetmeats are enjoyed by most of the tourists. While making a trip to the picturesque state of Rajasthan, tourists must arrange for a tour to Bikaner for its shopping opportunities.

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