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Prachina Museum Bikaner

Enough of work pressure and all. Now it's time for a great holiday but hasn't really decided on the tourist destination. If this is the scenario then you need not worry at all. Rajasthan in India is one of the most beautiful destinations that you have ever been to. You will truly have a great touring experience. Moreover, the variety of attractions in Rajasthan offers something or the other to tourists of all kinds. This helps family tours a lot as different family members having different tastes can get something interesting for themselves. However, tourists going for a tour of Rajasthan often face the problem of plenty.

There are so many attractions in Rajasthan that it is almost impossible to visit all of them during a single tour. Most of them visit a particular part of Rajasthan and confine their tour the various attractions close to that region. Bikaner is one such place in Rajasthan that experiences a huge tourist footfall. The presence of a large number of tourist attractions in and around Bikaner makes it so much popular among tourists. The historical significance of Bikaner is also major draw for tourists. The museums in Bikaner are the best places to get close to the rich history of the place. The Prachina Museum in Bikaner is one of the most popular museums in the city. Having a wide variety of collection, the museum is a must visit during Bikaner tours.

Attractions of the Prachina Musuem
Prachina Museum is a beautiful craft museum. The museum is a great place for artists as it provides them the platform to showcase their talent. On visiting the museum, you will also get to see the wide variety of items like cut glass decorations, European wine glasses, crockery, cutlery and various other items. These items will provide you a close look of the artifacts of the region. Moreover, the beauty of these items will also make you wonder about the excellent skills of craftsmen of that era.

The ancient courtly culture prevalent in the museum will also make you aware about the royal lifestyle of Rajasthan. The rich culture of Bikaner is also reflected from the various items displayed in the museum. The Prachina Museum also displays products like carved wooden furniture, ethnic carpets and jail rugs.

A visit to the Prachina Museum will surely be a great experience. There are a number of tour operators that offer packaged tour to this museum. You can choose any of the tours according to your preference. However, before selecting a tour operator you must make sure that it has a certain level of expertise and experience to deliver a comfortable tour.

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