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Lodi Tomb Delhi

Lodi Tomb was built in 1517-18 by Ibrahim Lodi, son of Sikandar Lodi. The alluring maqbara or the tomb of Sikandar Lodi, the second Lodi ruler of the Afghan Lodi Dynasty, is located in the picturesque premises of old Lady Willington Park or more commonly known as Lodhi Garden.

Just a stone throw away is the tomb of Muhammad Shah which combined with Lodi Tomb is a perfect example of octagonal tomb. The rich Indian legacy further carves an insignia on the pages of history with the presence of Lodi Shish and the Bara Gumbad in the vicinity of Lodhi temple, which are square tombs with imposing dome, and a guise giving false impression of being double storied structure.

The watercourse connecting the Yamuna River and Sikander Lodi's tomb is still visible around the tomb. Now popular picnic spot, thanks to the efforts of INTACH and Archeological Survey of India (ASI), Lodhi Tomb and Lodhi Garden have weathered the test of time and helped to preserve an important part of Indian culture.

Another factor that contributes to the beautiful vista and pristine beauty of Lodi Tomb is the presence of diversified flora glazed with species of exotic birds fluttering their wings to leave a person awe-struck.

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