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Raja Samand Lake Udaipur

Have you ever been to Rajasthan? If not, then you are surely missing one of the most beautiful places in the world. Embedded with a variety of attraction that can easily win your heart, Rajasthan in India is truly a dream destination for tourists. The variety of tourist attractions ranges from desert to forts and palaces, lakes and gardens to rich wildlife and many others. These attractions are a major draw for the tourists. The huge number of tourist attractions is mostly spread across various parts of Rajasthan.

However, there are also a number of places in Rajasthan that has a number of attractions in close proximity to each other. These places are visited by a large number of tourists as they need not travel much to visit the various attractions of the place. Udaipur is one such place that is embedded with variety of attractions. The lakes in particular attract a lot of tourists. Among the large number of lakes, the Rajasamand Lake is one of the most popular among the tourists. It is not only a popular tourist attraction but also adds a lot of beauty to the local topography.

Udaipur is also known as "The city of Dawn". The city is bordered by the Aravalli hills and offer exquisite beauty to the tourists. The city also boasts a lot of historical importance. However, the natural beauty of the city is the major draw for tourists. The lakes add to the city's beauty. The Rajasamand Lake is also a great attraction for tourists. On visiting the lake, you will also able to witness the temple that is located just beside the lake. It is the famous Vaishnava temple of Dwarkadhish. There is another temple in close vicinity. The Jain temple built by Dayal Shah is also a great attraction.

Apart from the natural beauty of the lake, Rajasamand Lake also enjoys a greater significance as it is the main source of water in the region. Hence, during your Udaipur tour, a visit to this lake is a must. Getting to the temple will surely be a memorable experience. The tranquil beauty of the lake and its surroundings will provide the ultimate respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Once you reach the place, you will realize how beautiful a lake can be. This beauty has earned it the status of one of the most popular lakes in Rajasthan. People from far off countries of the world come down to Udaipur and make sure that they pay a visit to the lake.

There are a number of tour operators that offer visits to Rajasthan. Most of the tours are embedded with a visit to the Rajasamand Lake. However, while you choose your tour, you must make sure that you choose an operator which has the required level of expertise and experience in offering these tours. Experience and expertise of the tour operators help in giving proper shape to the tour.

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