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Though Rajasthan is most famous as a tourist destination for the desert but that is not the only attraction in the state. There are a number of other attractions in Rajasthan that offers a lot of beauty to the tourists. In fact, the wide variety of Rajasthan Tourist Attractions ranges from historical places, forts and palaces, rich wildlife etc. Rajasthan as a tourist destination is so vast that one can hardly cover all the attractions during a single tour. Hence, tourists coming to Rajasthan often nest in a place that has a number of attractions nearby.

Pushkar with a lot of tourist attractions perfectly suit the needs of the travelers. With tourist attractions ranging from lakes to temples, it manages to offer a lot to the tourists. The temples in Pushkar are in fact one of the most popular Rajasthan Tourist Attractions. It has large number of temples and without exaggerating it can be said that most of them are worthy visiting. The Apteshwar Temple positions itself as one of the most visited temples in Rajasthan. It offers a perfect blend of splendid architecture and spiritual importance thus attracting both tourists as well as devotees.

About Apteshwar Temple
The Apteshwar Temple was constructed in the 12th century. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the most popular attractions in Pushkar. It demands a detailed look as the various features of the architecture of the temple. The magnificent architecture of the temple will surely mesmerize you with its beauty. In fact, while looking at the intricate work, you will be left wondering about the tremendous skill of the workers of that era. The fact that the temple has survived the brunt of time further reflects the stability of the structure. The architecture of the temple will also reveal the transcendental essence of Indian spirituality.

Significance of Apteshwar Temple
The spiritual significance of the temple also plays a vital role in attracting a lot of devotees. A large number of devotees come to the place in order to place 'Bel' leaves on the Shiva Lingam. According to the belief, this practice helps to fulfill one's wishes. The practice also includes drenching the Shiva Lingam with dahi, ghee, milk and honey. It is also believed that this practice makes Lord Shiva appeased and he grants a handsome groom to the ones who practices these rituals.

Hence, it reflects clearly that a visit to Apteshwar temple will not only be a great opportunity to witness the splendid architecture of the temple. It will also help the tourists to learn about the various rituals of Hindu religion. Moreover, getting an idea about the rich heritage of India is also a major draw for the tourists.

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