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Savitri Temple Pushkar

The Saraswati temple is a also known mythological mandir in Pushkar Rajasthan. It is Dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, It si also know goddes of education. The Saraswati temple is a major attraction for tourists coming to Pushkar. Saraswati has been upon arrive at Temple as the goddess of knowledge and learning. Arts, crafts, science and skills have all been ascribed to Her blessings. So for ages, the Saraswati has remained the favorite goddess of the education like as writers, artists, scientists and all other in pursuit of knowledge.

Distinct appeal of Saraswati temple

The Saraswati temple in Pushkar is an integral part of Pushkar tours. Dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the wife of Brahma the temple is regarded as a place to offer prayer to the goddess of art, crafts, sciences and skills. This lends a great spiritual significance to the temple. As a result, thousands of tourists from different part of the world come down to this temple to offer their prayers. The devotees also include a large number of writers, artists and various other individuals who are involved in creative activities. They mostly come to the temple and ask for inspiration.

The beautiful structure of the temple is also a major draw for tourists. The structure reflects simplicity and has a number of features that are an integral part of any Hindu temple. Hence, a visit to the temple will also help the tourists in getting an idea about the various features of Hindu architecture. Moreover, they are also getting a close view of the various practices of the Hindu religion.
If you are still not sure about the reason to choose Pushkar as your next holiday destination then it is better for you to know that like the Saraswati temple, there are a number of other temples in the region which are equally attractive. It can be assured that a visit to the Pushkar that includes a visit to the Saraswati temple will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience for you.
There are many tour operators which offer tours to Pushkar. However, in order to ensure comfort and value of your money, you must opt for a tour operator that has the required level of expertise and experience in this sector. It will help you to get a comfortable tour to Pushkar which includes visit to the major attractions like the Saraswati temple.