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Sarafa Bazaar, Pushkar

Sarafa Bazaar in Pushkar is visited by a huge number of tourists and even devotees all round the year. Famous for housing a variety of shops, Sarafa Bazaar Pushkar boasts of its attractive looks. Truly providing an ideal platform for displaying the world famous handicrafts of Rajasthan, tourists visit Sarafa Bazaar because of its lively ambience, vibrancy and the bustling crowd.

Products found at Sarafa Bazaar

While on one hand, textiles, embroidered covers and textiles are bought by a large number of tourists, on the other hand, the devotees crowd the shops that essentially sell idols of different Gods and Goddesses. The embroidered covers which are intricately designed appeal to both the local and foreign tourists. All the embroidered works come with Rajasthani stitches that make these items all the more beautiful. In addition, the different works of textiles are also bought by the different tourists.
Some of the other popular Rajasthani items sold in Sarafa Bazaar inlcude bangles that are mainly come with decorative stony beads. Leather goods, cloth items and bangles are some of the other best buys of Sarafa Bazaar.