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Rajasthan deserves a lot of credit for the thriving Indian tourism industry. Though there are number of attractions in various parts of India, yet Rajasthan counts for the lion's share of the revenues earned by the tourism industry. Rajasthan has a wide variety of tourist attractions. Though the Thar Desert remains the prime attraction in Rajasthan yet there are number of other attractions in Rajasthan that are also worthy visiting. The various other attractions include forts and palaces, rich wildlife and places with historical significance.

In fact, there are so many attractions in Rajasthan that no tourists can cover all those at one go. It needs several tours to visit all the main attractions. The best ploy to avoid this trouble is to nest in a place that has a large number of nearby tourist attractions. Pushkar has gained a lot of mileage as a part of this ploy. Tourists often nest in Pushkar to visit the various lakes and temples of Rajasthan. The various temples offer a thoroughly enjoyable experience to the tourists. Savitri temple is one of the most popular ones among those temples. Dedicated to the first wife of Lord Brahma, the temple is globally acclaimed and is a must visit in Rajasthan.

Savitri temple in Pushkar, Rajasthan is one of the most renowned temples in Rajasthan, In fact, it has got international fame. Located atop a hill in Pushkar, it is very close to the Brahma temple as well. Hence, tourists coming to visit any of these temples can easily visit the other. The spiritual significance of the temple is often the major draw for tourists. With a huge number of devotees coming to the temple to offer their prayers, this temple contributes lot in increasing Pushkar's importance as a pilgrimage destination.

The splendid architecture of the temple is also a great attraction for tourists. The various architectural features of the temple leave a great impact in the minds of the visitors. The beautiful work of the temple also makes them wonder about the excellent skill of the craftsmen of that era.

Hence, a visit to the Savitri temple is definitely worthy as on visiting the temple you get a lot of value added to your Pushkar tour. You will not only get a clear idea about the various religious practices of the Hindu community and also about the various features of Hindu architecture. Hence, the a visit to the Savitri temple is a must during the trip to Pushkar.

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